What is a traditional winter solstice meal?

Filled with merriment on the Long Night, families gather over a large sofreh, a table with settings and platters, to enjoy pomegranates, watermelon, persimmons, nuts, and dried fruit. Some people add sweet treats as well.

What do you cook at Yule?

Common main courses are rich, filling, and lavish – classic main courses include roasted or baked bird, hearty beef dishes, pot roasts, and meat pies. There is nothing like a rich and hearty soup to warm you up during the winter season. Soups that kick up their spice game are a great feature at the Winter Solstice.

What are some traditions for Yule?

Decorating with greenery, hanging ornaments in trees, caroling, and gift-giving are all customs that originated with Germanic peoples celebrating the day of Yule. Some scholars believe that the festival of Yule is closely related to Saturnalia, a week-long holiday that ancient Romans celebrated around the solstice.

What do you serve at a winter solstice party?

Traditionally, a “Solstice Wassail” would be served, which was basically a hot ale with cinnamon, cloves, and other seasonal spices. If you’re drinking alcohol, this is a great option or my preferred drink of choice is a mulled wine.

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What do Pagans do for winter solstice?

Today, many pagans still celebrate Yule on the winter solstice. Pagans celebrate the sun’s rebirth by giving each other gifts, having parties, and thinking deeply about their faith. This is a time of fresh beginnings, rebirth, transformation, breaking bad habits, and creativity for pagans.

What did pagans do for winter solstice?

Traditionally, the Yule log was the primary piece of wood used in the fire during the night of the Winter Solstice. Today, many Pagans use a decorative Yule log adorned with ribbons, candles, and other symbols of the season. Another popular version of the Yule log is the dessert version.

What color is winter solstice?

Like the early evening on a snowy winter day, this cool gray features a touch of blue. LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, is a measurement commonly used by design professionals—such as architects and interior designers—that expresses the percentage of light reflected from a surface.

What god is associated with the winter solstice?

Saturnalia was an ancient Roman holiday celebrated at the Winter Solstice. It honored Saturn, the God of the harvest. Saturnalia originated as a feast day and later expanded into a weeklong festival full of music, dancing, banquets, drinking, games, and bonfires.

Who brings gifts for Yule?

The Yule Goat

Thor was said to have a chariot that was pulled across the sky by two goat bucks. During Yule they would either bring gifts to well behaved children or demand gifts on behalf of Thor.

What rituals are performed on winter solstice?

Here are some customary ways to celebrate the solstice—you might notice that some resemble beloved Christmas traditions.
  • Build a Yule Altar.
  • Make an Evergreen Yule Wreath.
  • Burn a Yule Log.
  • Decorate a Yule Tree.
  • Exchange Nature-Based Gifts.
  • Give Back to Nature.
  • Celebrate in Candlelight.
  • Set up a Meditation Space.

What did ancient people do to celebrate the winter solstice?

In recognition of the return of the sun, fathers and sons would bring home large logs, which became known as Yule logs. They would set one end of these logs on fire. The people would feast until the log burned out, which could take as many as 12 days.

How did our ancestors celebrate winter solstice?

Yule celebrations included feasting and caroling, as well as ceremonial burning of logs to welcome the sun back to the world.

How did Celtic Pagans celebrate winter solstice?

In the Celtic times, druids observed the festival of Alban Arthan (also known as Yule) at the time of Winter solstice. They gathered mistletoe from oak trees, in an attempt to ward off evil spirits and grant them good luck.

How to decorate for Yule?

String your garlands with pinecones and cloves or include them in your centerpiece. Then add string lights, another important symbol for Yule. Using red, green, gold, white, silver, yellow, and blue is also customary. One of the most important customs of the holiday is burning the Yule log.

What do the Irish call winter solstice?

In Irish, the winter solstice is defined as “An Grianstad” which literally translates to the phrase ‘The sun stop’. The winter solstice marks midwinter and features the least daylight hours out of any day in the year.

What is the Gaelic name for the winter solstice?

Samain or Samuin was the name of the festival (feis) marking the beginning of winter in Gaelic Ireland.

How do you say Happy Yule in Irish?

Nollaig shona dhuit!

This Irish expression is specifically when you are wishing one person a merry Christmas in Gaelic.

What do druids do on winter solstice?

James explains that, according to Druid tradition, at the winter solstice, “people in the village would bring a wooden log to the central fire, so everyone could take part in the celebrations”. So, there you have it: the modern chocolate yule log might just have its roots in more ancient traditions.

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