What are some male witch names?

Male witch (aka warlock or wizard) names
  • Aislinn.
  • Bronwen.
  • Mannix.
  • Arthur.
  • Cedric.
  • Merlin.
  • Solomon.
  • Ambrose.

What is a mystical name for a boy?

Magical and Mystical Boy Names From Mythology

Amatheon – Welsh magician; brother of Gwydion. Gwydion – Welsh god of enchantment. Hermes – magical deity in Greek mythology. Odin – Norse god of magic, wisdom, and war.

What is an earthy boy name?

Earthy Boy Names With Natural Charm
OliverOlive treeEnglish
OnyxPrecious gemstoneLatin
OrenPine tree; fair, paleIrish
OrrickOld oak treeEnglish

What’s a badass name for a boy?

Along with Ace and Axel, other badass boy names in the US Top 1000 include Blaze, Dash, Fox, Harley, Jagger, Justice, Ryker, and Wilder. Many badass names are also impressive occupations, among them Hunter, Pilot, Ranger, and Sargent.

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What is an edgy boy name?

Edgy Boy Names for Your Baby Rebel
BlakeBlack or paleEnglish
BronxBronck’s LandAmerican
BrutusDull, stupidLatin

What is an exotic male name?

Exotic Boy Names With International Charm
BaudricBrave rulerGerman
BernardoStrong, brave bearGerman
BertramBright, famous ravenGerman

What is a dark name for a boy?

Jett or Jet: Meaning “black” in English. Keir or Kieran: Meaning “dark-haired” in Gaelic. Morris: Meaning “dark” in Latin. Noir: Meaning “black” in French.

What is a savage name?

English: of Norman origin a nickname for a wild or uncouth person from Middle English and Old French salvage sauvage ‘wild untamed’ (from Late Latin salvaticus literally ‘man of the woods’ a derivative of Latin silva ‘wood’ influenced by Latin salvus ‘whole’ i.e. natural).

What is a very powerful name?

Aaron: Hebrew — Enlightened. Aiden: Celtic — The sun god; fiery. Alexander: Greek — Defender of men. Amell: German — Power of an eagle. Amory: German — Leader; divine; brave; powerful.

What is the toughest male name?

Tough-sounding baby boy names
  • Jag (or Jagger)
  • Jax.
  • Damon.
  • Dexter.
  • Axel.
  • Cason.
  • Calum.
  • Cash.

What is a godly name for a boy?

Along with Noah and Jacob, other Bible baby boy names in the US Top 25 include James, Benjamin, Elijah, Lucas, Ethan, Samuel, David, and Asher. Unique biblical boy names gaining visibility — in the UK and Australia as well as the US — include Felix, Cyrus, Ezra, and Thaddeus.

What boy name means power?

Ansaldo means “power, leader, ruler.” 13. Barrett. A cute and strong unique name for boys, Barrett comes from Old German and means “strength of a bear” or “brave as a bear.”

What is an alpha male name?

Alpha is one of the badass male names meaning ‘firstborn’. The name implies the leader of a pack or gang. Alonso is a Spanish name that means ‘ready for battle. ‘ It also means noble.

Is Royal a boy name?

The name Royal is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of French, English origin meaning “royal”. Even less subtle than Duke or Earl, this name shot up the popularity charts in 2013, the same year young Prince George was born and the craze for all things royal (and Royal) began.

What is a good genderless name?

According to Yau, these are the most typically unisex names:
  • Jessie.
  • Marion.
  • Jackie.
  • Alva.
  • Ollie.
  • Jodie.
  • Cleo.
  • Kerry.

What is the rarest unisex name?

Most Rare Gender-Neutral Names
  • Florian.
  • Gardener.
  • Guthrie.
  • Hero.
  • Indiana.
  • Jagger.
  • Jericho.
  • Kit.

What are no gender names?

A gender-neutral name is unisex, meaning you can give it to a baby girl or a boy. Some gender-neutral names like Avery and Kennedy are traditionally last names that turned into first names after enough people started using them as given names.

What is a cool nature name?

100 nature-inspired baby names
  • River.
  • Lily.
  • Wren.
  • Sunny.
  • Reed.
  • Ridge.
  • Sky.
  • Phoenix.

What are earthy names?

From Clementine to Grover, these fresh, earthy names evoke all the beauty of nature.
  • Oliver.
  • Hazel.
  • Lily.
  • Ivy.
  • Rose.
  • Lennox.
  • Aspen.
  • Olive.

What is a good hippie name?

The best hippie names for girls
  • Celeste. With its ethereal meaning (“heavenly”) and it’s soft sound, Celeste conjures images of a doe-eyed, curly-haired, peace-sign-flashing, hippie-dippie freak.
  • Dawn.
  • Harmony.
  • Indigo.
  • Janis.
  • Karma.
  • Meadow.
  • Saffron.

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