How long does it take MyPillow to fluff up?

Every MyPillow must be put it in the dryer for 15 minutes before use in order to get it to its full fluff capacity. These fluffy, foldable pillows are designed to offer comfortable support for sleepers of all positions, helping us to get the full night’s rest our bodies need.

How do I fluff MyPillow for the first time?

How to Fluff Your Pillow: Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. Fluff Your Pillow By Hand. Grab your pillow and place it on your lap.
  2. Massage Your Pillow.
  3. Fluff Your Pillow In The Dryer.
  4. Increase Fluffiness With A Tennis Ball In A Sock.
  5. Fluff Your Pillow Outside.

Why is my MyPillow flat?

Over time, pillows flatten because of either increased moisture or the weight of our heads compressing the materials when we lay on them. Foam pillows usually hold up better than down pillows when it comes to flattening over time.

What temperature do you dry MyPillow on?

DRY • Tumble dry on HIGH heat. No dryer balls or fabric softeners. Do not worry about over-drying. FREQUENCY We recommend laundering every 4 months. or as often as needed.

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What should I do with MyPillow before use?

Caring For The Pillow
  1. When you first open your My Pillow, put it in the dryer with a damp cloth for about 15 minutes on high heat to give the pillow’s interlocking material a chance to activate.
  2. Clean it in the washer and dryer as often as you wash anything else.
  3. Use the washer’s regular cycle with cold or warm water.

How do I know when MyPillow is fully dry?

Clumping or Odor – These are signs that your pillow is not dry yet. You want it to be completely dry to prevent mold. Dry Test – Hand fluff your pillows in between each cycle. The pillows may still be damp inside even though they feel dry to the touch.

Can I dry MyPillow in the dryer?

Tumble dry with high heat. No dryer balls or fabric softener. Use extra spin cycles to lessen drying time. Do not worry about over-drying.

How do you dry the MyPillow?

  1. Tumble dry with high heat.
  2. No dryer balls or fabric softener.
  3. Use extra spin cycles to lessen drying time.
  4. Do not worry about over-drying.

How long do you dry MyPillow in the dryer?

Place your MyPillow inside your dryer and set it to a high heat setting, which will make sure it’s dry inside and out and won’t develop mildew. Set your dryer to a standard or normal setting, which is usually between 40-60 minutes. Once the cycle is done, take your pillow out and feel for any damp spots.

Can I dry MyPillow on high heat?

Can you dry pillows on a high heat setting in the dryer? No – it’s best not to dry pillows on a high heat setting in the tumble dryer. Instead, you should put them on a low or cool setting.

Why won t MyPillow dry?

Set your dryer to a very low heat.

The fibers in pillows can break down under high heat. Choose a low heat or air dry setting on your dryer for a dry cycle that will keep your pillows safe.

Why dry pillows with tennis balls?

When you’re washing anything down-filled, such as a comforter or bed pillows, adding a few new, clean tennis balls to the dryer will help fluff them up. If you’ve ever pulled a freshly-washed pillow out of the dryer to find it’s become lumpy and misshapen, the tennis ball trick can prevent that.

Should I let MyPillow air dry?

It’s perfectly fine to allow your pillows to air-dry. You can also give them some time in the dryer depending on what the cleaning instructions on the label say.

How long does a MyPillow last?

Your pillows should be replaced around every six to twelve months, according to the sleep experts.

Why does MyPillow smell after washing?

The reason why for instance pillows develop an unpleasant smell after they have been washed and dried, might be that the down and feathers have not been dried completely. In this case it is advisable to wash them again and dry them thoroughly until they are completely dry.

Why is MyPillow wet when I wake up?

If you wake up to a wet patch on your pillow in the morning, that drool is what is left of any excess saliva that escaped your mouth while you slept.

Why does MyPillow smell after sleeping?

Unpleasant smells are a sign that bacteria and body odors have seeped right through the pillow’s surface. Don’t confuse the odors with the aroma of new synthetic memory foam pillows, which are also smelly. Change your pillows, don’t sprinkle baking soda and air them hoping they will smell fresh again.

Can pillows grow mold inside?

Homeowners typically find moldy pillows from the pillows they stored in damp closets, but your bedroom, living room, and den pillows can get mold just as easily. Sweat, drool, and other fluids provide mold and mildew spores with ample enough moisture to grow.

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