How do you know if Tarot is yes or no?

What does the tower mean as feelings?

The Tower as feelings/emotions

If you are asking the tarot how someone feels about you, pulling The Tower card suggests that what the other person is feeling for you is very intense and powerful, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad emotion.

What does the Tower card mean as outcome?

The Tower will land in the outcome position of your Tarot reading to predict that the future of this matter is going to be a disaster. By the time this situation ends, your life will not be the same.

What does the tower tarot card mean for love?

In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, The Tower can be a bad omen representing, break-ups, separation or divorce. It can also represent either you or your partner or both, going through a difficult or traumatic event that will push your relationship to its absolute limits.

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What energy is the Tower card?

It was giving the tower card. Ruled by Mars and fuelled by the fire element, the tower is a major arcana card that symbolises life lessons and long-term aspects of life.

Is the tower a reconciliation card?

Other times, the relationship isn’t what’s wrong, but the timing. When this is the case, you may find The Tower comes up in your reconciliation Tarot reading. The Tower is an indicator that everything must be torn down as you know it, in order to ever build something new.

How do you use cards in the tower?

How do you play towers the card game?

How do you stack cards in tower?

How do you play Lucky tower?

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How do you play tower of powers?

How to Play
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How do you beat the Tower of Power?

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What is Tower of Power game?

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Are power towers good?

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